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Dar el Janoub

If you leave behind the gate of the fort or the town and pass between the camels that are lying outside, you go up the dunes or you come out on the hard and stony plain and you stand for a moment, alone, after a while, or you feel a shudder and you run back inside the fort or you stand outside and let something very curious happen to you, something that everyone who lives there has experienced and that the French called le baptême de la solitude. It is a unique feeling and it has nothing to do with the feeling of loneliness, because this presupposes a memory. Here, in this absolutely mineral landscape illuminated by stars like flames, even memory disappears; there is nothing left but your own breath and the beating of your heartbeat. A strange process of reintegration begins inside you, which is not at all pleasant, and you may try to convert it and insist on remaining the person you have always been, or to let it take its course. Because no one who has stayed in the Sahara for a while is still the same person as when they went there. 

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It is very exciting to welcome you to Dar el Janoub (La Casa del Sur), a project that makes a dream come true that began years ago, as travelers, with the fascination triggered within us by the discovery of the landscapes of this land and the hospitality of its people.

Sharing that adventure with our clients and making them feel at home (in the south) is a satisfaction for us. A few steps from the dunes and at the entrance to the town of Merzouga, our complex built taking advantage of the constructive wisdom of the Berber people is located.

The building is an example of respect for the environment and the culture of the region that hosts it. It has been built on a single floor, integrating perfectly into the surrounding landscape and using native techniques and materials, to which have been added the details and services that today’s traveler demands, thus creating a unique, simple and unsophisticated environment. but with all the necessary comforts to spend an unforgettable stay, in full contact with nature.

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